Policy Changes

UCSB Recent Policy Changes

Title Date Status
Scheduling Courses within the Academic Curriculum 2/1/2013 New
Use of Concert Pianos in Lotte Lehman Concert Hall and Campbell Hall 4/15/2013 Rescinded
Use of an Individual's Image or Creative Work 5/24/2013 New
Drawings, Gambling, Lotteries, and Raffles Advisory 5/28/2013 Updated
Change Funds 5/29/2013 Updated
Petty Cash Funds 5/29/2013 Updated
Use of Credit Cards to Pay University Fees 6/4/2013 Rescinded
Support Groups 6/4/2013 Updated
Access Control - Physical 6/24/2013 New
Keys - Adminstration and Control of 6/24/2013 Rescinded
Keys - Issuance and Retrieval 6/24/2013 Rescinded
Instructional Development - Equipment Use 1205, 1210, 1215, 1220, 1225 6/24/2013 Rescinded
Cliff House - Use 6/24/2013 Rescinded
Student Education Records – Disclosure of Information 7/22/2013 Updated


University of California

Noteworthy Policy Updates

Title Date Status
Information Technology Accessibility 8/27/2013 New
Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect (CANRA) 6/13/2013 New
Accommodations for Nursing Mothers 7/3/2013 New
Laboratory Safety Training 6/12/2013 New
Minors in Laboratories and Shops 6/12/2013 New
Personal Protective Equipment 6/12/2013 New