Storke Tower, UCSB
Labyrinth, UCSB
University Center, UCSB
Elings Hall, UCSB
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Henley Gate, UCSB
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Welcome to UCSB Policy Website, a central source for UCSB policy, information stewardship, delegations of authority, and conflict of Interest.

Policies   UCSB and UC policies, manuals & resources, policy updates, UCSB policy review process, and information on the use of the University's name and logos.

Information Stewardship   UC records retention schedules and information on: UCSB records management, data security, privacy protection, information requests, public record requests, and subpoenas.

Delegations of Authority   UCSB and UC delegations of authority.

Conflict of Interest   UC Systemwide and UCSB conflict of interest policies and information relating to Forms 700 & 802 filings.