The Fair Political Practices Commission requires the reporting of the distribution of certain tickets to UC employees and officials, elected officials, and other Form 700 filers.

In response, the University of California has developed a policy regarding the distribution of tickets (or admission) to entertainment, amusement, or recreational events. All tickets or passes distributed by UC Santa Barbara to its employees or to a third party must accomplish a “public purpose” of the University. A “public purpose” under the policy includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Conducting University business, including oversight of University events;
  • Recognizing University employees for their work and promoting staff morale;
  • Strengthening alumni and private support for the University;
  • Promoting of intergovernmental relations and collaboration between the University and other public agencies;
  • Promoting support of University athletics, arts, cultural, and entertainment offerings;
  • Promoting attendance at University events in order to maximize potential University revenue from parking and concession sales;
  • Promoting civic engagement;
  • Promoting community outreach;
  • Attracting or rewarding volunteer service;
  • Otherwise promoting institutional advancement.
    (Cal. Code Regs. § 18944.1)

Form 802 is used by the University to disclose detailed information about the distribution of tickets and passes, including the name of the department or identity of the persons who receive the tickets or passes, as well as the “public purpose” of each ticket distributed. Form 802 is also used by the University to disclose information about ceremonial role events.

If yours is a department on campus who can – and sometimes does – give away free tickets to events that would not otherwise be given away free of charge to a member of the general public, you need to be aware of the rules governing those gifts and the reporting requirements thereto. Your department is required to fill out these forms for each applicable distribution of tickets.

Reportable ticket distributions must be posted on UC Santa Barbara’s local Form 802 reporting website no later than 45 days after your department distributes the reportable ticket. If you have a completed Form 802 to be posted, please send a pdf copy of that form to the UCSB Conflict of Interest Coordinator who will ensure it is properly posted. It remains the responsibility of each individual department who distributes reportable tickets to ensure the Form 802 is filled out and returned to the UCSB Conflict of Interest Coordinator within the 45 day time limit set forth by law.

Questions about the ticket reporting process may be directed to the UCSB Conflict of Interest Coordinator.