BFB-BUS-43, Part 5: Sets forth special limitations and requirements covering acquisition of goods or services by the University, including independent consultant and independent contractor services, when the transaction involves an employee-vendor relationship, as opposed to an employer-employee relationship. Employer-employee relationships are governed by appropriate Human Resource rules, including Personnel Policy 82 - Conflict of Interest.

BFB-BUS-43 is based in part upon California Public Contract Code Section 10516 which states:

No officer or employee of the University of California shall engage in any employment, activity, or enterprise from which the officer or employee receives compensation or in which the officer or employee has a financial interest if that employment, activity, or enterprise is sponsored or funded, or sponsored and funded, by any university department through or by a university contract unless the employment, activity, or enterprise is within the course and scope of the officer’s or employee’s regular university employment. No officer or employee in the university shall contract on his or her own individual behalf as an independent contractor with any university department to provide services or goods. This section shall not apply to officers or employees of the university with teaching or research responsibilities, nor shall it apply to student employees for payment for additional campus activities or engagements outside of the scope of their primary university employment.

Exceptions to the Employee-Vendor Relationship policy may be granted under certain, limited circumstances. UCSB’s Business and Financial Services Department is the appropriate campus department to make such requests. For more information on exceptions and conflict of interest policy relating to contracts, please visit the Business and Financial Services Conflict of Interest Website.