UC Santa Barbara delegations of authority, like the UC presidential delegations, specify to whom a specific authority has been delegated and the scope of the authority.

Don't confuse delegations of authority with Signature Authorization Forms. Delegations designate the official(s) who can authorize particular actions(s), such as approving a request to travel. Whereas, Signature Authorization Forms document the signatures of delegated officials, as well as other officials who can approve specified transactions, such as travel expense vouchers or approved charges against specified account(s).

In the adjacent box, you'll find UC Santa Barbara delegations of authority arranged by functional area, for entertainment, honoraria, memberships, personnel actions, and travel. For other delegations, contact policy@ucsb.edu.

UC Delegations

The University of California (UC) presidential letters of delegation are maintained at the Office of the President.

The Board of Regents of the University of California gives decision-making authority to the UC President. The President may redelegate some of his/her authority to Chancellors and other UC officers through UC policy, Business and Finance Bulletins or letters of delegation.

Chancellors and other UC officers may redelegate, where permitted, some of their authority through local policy or a campus-generated delegation of authority letter.