UC Records Retention Schedule Update Project

About the Project

The University of California Records Management Committee has published, effective August 1, 2013, an extensive update to the existing system-wide UC Records Retention Schedule. The updated sections of the schedule reflect new legal requirements, evolving business practices, current data privacy standards, and also acknowledge the increasing use of technology for records management. As a campus of the University of California, UC Santa Barbara follows the UC Records Retention Schedule.

UC Records Retention Schedule


How do I use the UC Records Retention Schedule?

Search by typing into the search box keywords related to the type of records you are looking for, or browse by category. The record items have hyperlinks that you can click on to view the entry in its entirety.

Media Neutral

The schedule is media neutral and applies to all records – electronic or paper.


Benefits of Managing Records

Save Space

Remove records that have passed their retention date from storage areas and archives (on/off campus, in all mediums) and recycle, shred or destroy them. Move records not required for daily operations or frequent reference, but which have not reached their disposition date, out of offices to storage areas and out of active electronic mailboxes to electronic archives.

Save Money

Avoid the purchase of equipment and supplies and disk space to file unneeded records; use less expensive storage facilities for inactive records; and release surplus filing equipment/disk space for re-use.

Save Time

Locate active records quicker by removing inactive material from office files and electronic files.

Protect the University

Ensure that all legal, historical, fiscal and administrative requirements are satisfied before your records are destroyed.