The Appointment of Near Relatives in the same department is governed by both University of California systemwide policy, as well as local campus policy as described in the below-listed documents:

Faculty Policies


UCSB Red Binder Section IX-11 states that, “[a]pproval of employment of near relatives as defined by APM-520-4, within the same department requires the approval of the Chancellor or the Chancellor’s designee. Similarly, approval is required if two appointees already holding such positions subsequently become near relatives. Faculty members may not participate in the review or decision-making of any personnel action of a near relative.”

Staff Policies

PPSM-21: See, Section III(G)

UCSB Policy on Employment of Near Relatives: In addition to setting forth the local policy, the UCSB Policy on Employment of Near Relatives sets forth the local responsibilities and procedure required where the University seeks to employ near relatives in the same department.