The University of California is subject to the “Disqualification Rule” of the California Political Reform Act which sets forth that, “All University employees, even if they are not Statement of Economic Interest (Form 700 & 700-U) filers, are subject to the disqualification rule of the Political Reform Act (“Act”).”

In short, “University employees are required to disqualify themselves from making, participating in making or influencing University decisions in which they have a disqualifying conflict of interest. (2 Cal. Code of Regs. §18700.)”

However, certain decisions made by those with teaching or research responsibilities are exempt from the General Disqualification Rule. This exemption applies only to teaching decisions and to certain decisions related to academic study or research. (2 Cal. Code of Regs. §18704 (d)(5).).

For more information on what constitutes a “financial interest” or what it means to “make, participate, or influence a University decision,” please see the University of California Introduction to the Disqualification Rule.

For more information on the Political Reform Act, please visit the Fair Political Practices Commission Website.

If you have questions about whether or not you are required to disqualify yourself under the Disqualification Rule, please contact the UCSB Conflict of Interest Coordinator or the Office of General Counsel Conflict of Interest Division.