Policies by Specialty

All the policies and resources listed below are also accessible from the A-Z pages. However, not all of the A-Z policies are contained in these specialty clusters. These high use policies by area have been clustered together for your convenience.


Policies and resources to guide academic activities, such as Academic Personnel Manual, Academic Senate By Laws, and various procedures, including academic program name changes, and establishing and reviewing academic programs.

Department Administration

Policies and resources governing the administration of departments, including business officer resources (such as personnel policies, entertainment, travel, purchasing), copyrights, electronic communications, Web standards, and whistleblowing.

Information Technology (IT)

Policies and resources concerning information technology and the use, access to, and protection of electronic information and systems, including Digital Millenium Copyright Act, information security practices, online social networks, Terms of Use, and Web standards.


Policies and resources specifically governing research activities, including disclosure of financial interests, patents, research circulars, and sponsored projects.


Policies and resources specifically pertaining to students and student life, including Campus Regulations Applying to Campus Activities, Organizations and Students, Clery Act, General Catalog, Electronic Communications Policy, Sexual Harassment, Substance Abuse, and student information/records stewardship.